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What are the key trends shaping the RPA market in India? Why are medium-sized businesses (MSBs) in India experiencing fewer stalled projects compared with other countries? And why do they have a slight preference for a hybrid approach to the installation of RPA software?

Following the release of our “Softomotive Global Study 2018, RPA Solutions for Growth Companies” we have published a new study which focuses on the factors shaping the RPA market in India, highlighting differences to the rest of the world.

MSBs in India reflect global trends when it comes to implementing RPA. Roughly half of those surveyed for our study have implemented RPA in their business, or scaled it across multiple parts of the organization.

Some 48% are investigating or have already tried RPA on a small scale. India recorded one of the lowest incidences of stalled projects among all countries evaluated in our study (1%).

Find out more by reading our white paper.