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Following the release of our “Softomotive Global Study 2018, RPA Solutions for Growth Companies” we have just published a new study, focusing on the RPA trends in the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, growth companies prefer a hybrid approach when it comes to the installation of RPA software. 47% of companies interviewed are installing RPA software on employee computer terminals as well as on company server(s). UK companies also seem to be more comfortable than their international peers when it comes to using the cloud, with nearly three-fourths of companies surveyed accessing RPA through the cloud.

RPA is no longer just for large conglomerates. Increasingly, it is being leveraged by smaller organizations that are realizing the same benefits RPA has provided larger institutions for years. In this study, we focus on the trends shaping the RPA market in the United Kingdom. Please download our white paper to better understand how growth companies in the United Kingdom are using RPA, how they are benefitting from the implementation of RPA and any challenges that they still need to overcome to better leverage RPA within their organizations.