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ProcessRobot v2019.1 is the latest software release of Softomotive’s enterprise RPA software. The v2019.1 release brings some much-anticipated enhancements to existing users, particularly in terms of pushing the boundaries of flexibility and scalability in their deployments whilst also significantly strengthening security.

The product tour will provide insights into the developments made with the latest release and how it builds on the existing success of the ProcessRobot platform.

The presentation will answer the following questions:

  • What’s new in ProcessRobot v2019.1?
  • How can existing users benefit from the new feature developments?
  • Why should new users consider ProcessRobot v2019.1?
  • Which new applications can ProcessRobot control?
  • How can I enhance the security of automations?
  • What can I do to optimize efficiency?



Ioannis Anastasopoulos
Head of Product, Softomotive

Ioannis (John) Anastasopoulos graduated from Democritus University of Thrace from the department of “Electrical and Computing Engineering” in 2007. In 2009 he obtained his Master on “Telecommunications, Networks and Systems Architecture”. John has been with Softomotive for five years and initially started as an Automation Engineer. In his five-year tenure at Softomotive, he had rapidly gained his experience in the RPA space, from a technical and business perspective. In 2017, John was appointed Head of Product for both WinAutomation and ProcessRobot.