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The Softomotive People1st Approach for RPA is a totally new way to deploy RPA.

The power of innovation is firmly in the hands of those who have the knowledge, skills and understanding to select and develop the best tasks and processes to automate – the people that do the work. In a People1st world, everyone is a “Citizen Developer.”

An accompanying guide for Executives, explains the rationale for a People1st approach for RPA. This guide for Practitioner’s provides a more detailed look at the new business model for RPA, including an explanation of the 7 step blueprint for deployment:

  • Innovate to empower the many and accelerate performance collaboratively.
    -Empower the Many
    -Encourage Collaboration
  • Incubate to filter and nurture the best output from the innovation phase.
    -Filter the Best
  • Implement to scale what works.

Download the Practitioner’s guide study to learn more about the complete 7 step blue print for introducing People1st Approach. To discover more about the Softomotive People1st Approach for RPA also read the Executive Guide.

In summary, the Softomotive People1st Approach for RPA turns conventional thinking on its head by putting people before robots to get the best results.