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Business Challenge

Movie fans worldwide know Technicolor for its award-winning creative artists—but the company’s back-office teams also play a vital supporting role to keep the business moving forward. With slow, complex processes soaking up the time of its finance staff, the company set out to uncover faster, more efficient ways of working.



Technicolor deployed WinAutomation from Softomotive to kick-start its automation journey, before scaling up with ProcessRobot. The solutions enable the company to develop a robotic workforce to handle repetitive tasks and ease the burden on staff.



  • Up to 99.3% faster processes achieved by replacing manual with automated workflows
  • 60% more accurate data entry, as robots significantly reduce the risk of human error
  • Enables employees to concentrate on business analysis rather than mundane tasks
  • Helps shared services team deliver higher-quality, more comprehensive service to the core business
  • Easy-to-use tools enable rapid robot development and help build momentum for RPA within Technicolor