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Business Challenge

As part of the advertising industry, new-AD found themselves suffering from long-hours that created stress-levels through the roof. Sound familiar?

We all can relate to the stress long-hours bring, but what could possibly solve this issue and bring life and energy back to their employees?

The answer was WinAutomation. new-AD took a leap into the future by simplifying their workflows with our software’s no-code, easy-to-use visual designer. They took their boring, repetitive processes and began transforming them into a powerhouse of efficiency.

It didn’t take long for new-AD to reach new heights and scale automation across their entire enterprise. As their business continues to thrive, they are seeing results that are transforming their industry. And the impressive part? Their employees now have more time and even greater capacity to do their best work.

Business Benefits

  • 8 hours of work reduced to 1 hour
  • Human errors eliminated
  • Employee stress-levels reduced
  • 5 hours gained each week to focus on high value-adding activities for customers