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RPA is rapidly gaining traction across industries and geographies as more enterprises are becoming aware of the benefits of the technology. With several success stories and positive word of mouth, many new enterprises are also expected to adopt RPA. However, despite the rapid adoption, few can claim their RPA journey to be smooth. Most of the enterprises face multiple challenges through their automation journey, especially while scaling-up RPA adoption.

The majority of these challenges faced are due to not following the right programmatic approach and best-fit execution path.

This webinar is intended to help senior decision makers understand different programmatic approaches to RPA adoption and synergies of these approaches with their organization. It also aims to provide an understanding of the execution path to be followed corresponding to these approaches.

The session will highlight the following:


  • The key programmatic approaches to RPA adoption
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each approach
  • How to select the right programmatic approach based on
  • various environmental factors?
  • How will the execution paths be different based on the selected programmatic approach?

It will also provide a brief introduction to the Softomotive People1st Approach which is a totally new “bottom-up” approach to deploying RPA for better business outcomes.

Meet the speakers


Sarah Burnett
Executive Vice President and
Distinguished Analyst, Everest

Sarah Burnett, Executive Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, is a well-known industry analyst and market influencer. At Everest Group, she leads the firm’s Service Optimization Technologies (SOT) research program globally. As part of this role, she researches and advises clients on automation technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and global service providers’ capabilities in the field. Based in London, she also serves European clients across Everest Group’s Europe-focused global services research areas.

Bob Weare
Chief Marketing Officer, Softomotive

Bob is an experienced B2B technology marketing professional and joined Softomotive as their first Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to that, he was Head of Global Solution Marketing for IBM’s Enterprise Financial Risk Management business, part of IBM Watson Financial Services. Throughout his career, he has helped businesses of all sizes, primarily in technology and consulting, to shape, develop and execute global plans for success. Bob earned a BA Hons from Nottingham University and an MBA from Hull University.