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A recent study conducted in the United States* confirms that employees want to be engaged early on in the process of identifying automation opportunities, like RPA, in their organization.

With adoption strong and growing, one key question is: how can organizations in the US best implement and scale RPA using an approach that has the greatest chance of yielding optimal results, while engaging with employees so they are full participants in the process?

Softomotive’s People1st Approach is a totally new way to deploy RPA by putting the power in the hands of the end user. Nevertheless, some key questions remain, including:

  • Is a People1st Approach in alignment with today’s employees in terms of their own interests and outlook for the future?
  • How involved do they really want to be in the RPA process?
  • What concerns do they have and how can organizations help alleviate them?

To help answer these questions, Softomotive, in partnership with KS&R, Inc., a global market research and consulting firm, conducted an in-depth study with employees in the US to better understand their point of view on these issues.

Results from the study revealed key findings that should be considered in terms of when and how employees in the US are engaged in the RPA process.

Find out more by reading our white paper.

(*Study conducted in the US as well as in the UK and India)