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In this new era of digital transformation, everyone has to keep up to stay relevant. The new norm is now “to do more with less” and in this challenging environment, robotic process automation (RPA) is becoming increasingly important to business leaders to improve overall performance.

Transformational CIOs, constrained by the availability of IT developers to keep pace with increasing demand for new automations, need to adopt alternative strategies and operating models to deliver what the business wants.

This webinar is intended for CIOs and other senior leaders. Attendees will learn about:

  • Citizen development and RPA
  • Why transformational CIOs need to embrace citizen development
  • The Softomotive People1st Approach to RPA
  • The key success factors to enable citizen RPA development in their organization.

All registrants will receive the recording of the live webinar.

Meet the speakers


Michael Krigsman
Industry Analyst

Michael Krigsman is recognized internationally as an industry analyst and host of CxOTalk, where he has interviewed many hundreds of the world’s top business and technology executives about managing disruption and change. As a columnist for ZDNet, Michael has written over 1,000 articles on topics related to innovation, digital transformation, and leadership. His work has been mentioned more than 1,000 times in major newspapers, television, radio, trade publications, presentations, academic dissertations, blogs, and other media. Michael has been quoted in about 50 books, published in the Wall Street Journal, and is syndicated on important technology websites. He has researched and written extensively about preventing of failed IT projects.

Bob Weare
Chief Marketing Officer, Softomotive

Bob is an experienced B2B technology marketing professional and joined Softomotive as its first Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to that, he was Head of Global Solution Marketing for IBM’s Enterprise Financial Risk Management business, part of IBM Watson Financial Services. Throughout his career, he has helped businesses of all sizes, primarily in technology and consulting, to shape, develop and execute global plans for success. Bob earned a BA Hons from Nottingham University and an MBA from Hull University.